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This page is about the saying “Patience is a virtue” Possible meaning: The ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset is a valuable quality in a person.

This unfortunately is not one of my strong suites. I have always heard that you should not pray and ask for patience. Because God will take you off your feet. He has done this to me several times. Sometimes into the hospital or sometimes just sent me to my own bed with something that makes me unable to continue down the path I was taking. This tells you that I have ask for patience before, not out loud though. If you are like me, I tend to forget that God hears my thoughts. I am certainly glad that Satan doesn’t have that same ability.

Waiting on this book to get published has taught me a little about patience. Not good at it, but because my publisher wants it perfect, he tends to take longer than I can stand.

So if you write a book and have a deadline that you have chosen for yourself just back off of that date. My mama’s favorite saying was “a watched pot never boils.” In other words when you just keep watching and waiting for something it seems to take much longer than if you stay busy doing something to take your mind off of it.

That being said, it’s off to bed for this blogger. Here’s hoping next week will present me with Robbie Learns About Kindness in print.

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