About Me

I chose this picture because I can totally identify with being in the woods.  As a little girl that was my most favorite place to be when I wasn’t up in my Mulberry Tree reading a book.  My friend Diane Cole and I would build houses and sweep the dirt floors with ragweed brooms.  Now ragweed just make me sneeze and my eyes swell shut.  Oh the joys of getting old.  Hey that’s something else I don’t understand, why do they (whoever they) are call old age the Golden Years?  It must be because it costs so much.  I am sorry, but I do chase rabbits a lot as you will find out.

Ok building houses in the woods was what I was talking about.  We would take a hoe and string to cut down the weeds or small trees that were growing in our house and then sweet the floors clean.  We would tie limbs to the perimeter of our room and leave a door.  We would make furniture from tree roots or rocks if they were small.  This experience came in really handy when I had my first grandchild.  But for now this is enough since I am just trying to get my blog set up so I can talk about kids, grandkids, books, and paintings.  Those are my favorite topics.  See you in the funny papers.

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